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Alright, so I’ve been working on her for some time now so I figured it’s about time to get some feedback on how she’s coming along. She’s my first fantroll so I apologize if I contradict canon or anything like that. I think it’s all alright? However, I could be totally wrong. Thank you guys in advance for reviewing her :) 

[MIX: No problem! Also, don’t worry too hard about contradicting canon- while it’s best to keep things from getting TOO out of hand, you can be fluid and flexible if need be- especially if you decide to do an AU or whatever!]

[MIX: Woah what a cute character!!! I love the overall design, its simple yet effective!]

Name: Mirrum Aureus

                I admittedly took some liberties when coming up with her first name. Mirrum-> Mirrut-> Turrim which is Latin for “Tower” which is the tarot card symbolizing great and sudden change that often brings with it lots of chaos. Well, that’s one interpretation of it anyway. I figured that this fit Mirrum’s personality since she tends to try to bend her environment to fit her needs and to get what she wants, not really caring how this will affect those around her.

                Aureus has a much simpler meaning behind it. Mirrum is obsessed with becoming wealthy and living a life of luxury, so Aureus is just Latin for “Gold”.

[MIX: The Tower is generally associated with disaster and strife, and a negative/problematic chance; it’s the one tarot you REALLY wanna get upside down due to its negative/bleak meaning. Will her story reflect that, because if so it fits her perfectly! I like her name overall]

Symbol: A slightly modified Hamsa. This symbol is widely thought to protect people from evil and misfortune. I picked this as Mirrum’s symbol because she uses her tarot cards to, in a way, protect herself from a poor future. She protects herself from harm using her cards to help her read the future and others around her.

[MIX: Honestly at first I was going to suggest a more simplified symbol (the more detailed/complicated a symbol is, the harder it is to draw quickly) but it still works so you can leave it as is without too much trouble. Also, continuing on from the tarot theme, I assume then that she’s essentially acting as the ‘reversed’ Tower?]

Age: Almost 8 sweeps (or 17 years) old.

Status: Dead after the Vast Glub, but plotting her “rebirth” while in her current ghostly form.

Planet of Living: Alternia

Blood Color: Yellow (Much closer in color to the ruffles of her skirt than her symbol)

[MIX: So more of a goldblood then, hmm? Also, interesting that she’s already dead to begin with.]

Powers: Because of Mirrum’s lower blood color, she was born with powerful future seeing abilities. Mirrum often receives quick flashes of the future, but they’re difficult to make out and understand, so she channels her visions through her tarot cards. When she has one specific question that she wants answered her visions are much more clear and organized. If she tries to see too far into the future or tries to see into the future for too long her head begins to hurt and she becomes faint.

[MIX: Having limitations on powers can make them more palatable/well rounded, so it’s nice that she can only use her precognition within limits. Makes her more balanced.]

Trollian Handle: gildedTemperance

                When something is gilded it is covered thinly with a gold paint with the object not actually being gold itself. When coupled with temperance, moderation and self-restraint, I think it sums Mirrum up quite nicely. Mirrum usually becomes irritated with the other trolls around her, believing herself to be better than others. However, she knows that she needs other troll’s help in order to achieve her goals. So, she puts on a façade to trick people into thinking more highly of her than she probably deserves. Mirrum wants others to believe in her “golden” exterior and remain unaware of the nastiness that lies within her true self.

                **Also, sidenote. I know that another definition of “temperance” is controlling yourself when consuming alcohol, but I figured that this slight modification would still be alright. If you don’t think so, just lemme know.**

[MIX: While I like your reasoning for Temperance, you might want to see if there’s a similar word to use instead, as Temperance is another arcana and since you’re going for a specific arcana rather than just tarot in general it might be more well-rounded to use a different word. Either way, seems like a good handle!]

Typing Quirk: [] mirrum begins and ends every sentence with twO brackets tO symbOlize a tarOt card. she alsO dOesn*t capitalize any letters Other than *O* tO symbOlize the sun and mOOn, bOth Of which have their Own tarOt cards dedicated tO them. the last part Of her quirk is that she replaces apOstrOphes and quOtatiOn marks with an asterisk tO symbOlize the stars. []

I’ve been testing out this typing quirk and I think it’s alright. I don’t see it being too overwhelming or out of place, but if you think differently just let me know. I’m not super attached to it or anything.

[MIX: Oh, wait, so you are just going for an overall tarot theme? Alright then, disregard what I said above. Anyway, this quirk seems alright- I don’t see anything that immediately stands out as glaring or wrong.]

Strife Specibus: Cardkind

                Mirrum uses her tarot cards to see the outcome of the battle she’s in, and depending on what kind of answer she gets determines the kind of weapon that she receives. If the outlook seems to be in her favor, she will receive some sort of powerful weapon such as a battle axe, but if the outcome is not in her favor she may just end up with a stuffed animal. In my opinion, it’s based less on luck and simply on how the alpha timeline is meant to pan out. I will admit though that this is a bit like Vriska’s Dicekind, so if you believe that they are too similar than I’m up for changing it.

[MIX: Nah, no need to change it. Honestly as long as it’s not THE EXACT SAME THING then you should be good! I like the fact that what weapon she gets is tied more to the inevitable route the timeline is meant to go rather than just ‘lol its random idk’ that gives it a bit more grounding.]

Fetch Modus: Three Card Spread

                One of tarot cards’ most basic spreads is the three card spread. One card represents the past, one card represents the present, and one card represents the future. When Mirrum places an item in the past position, it gets transported back in time to her past self and will appear in her present slot. Likewise, when an item is placed in Mirrum’s future slot it is transported into the future and occupies her future self’s present slot. With such limited space, Mirrum has to be very careful what she does and doesn’t put into her fetch modus. However, she is known to troll herself from time to time and send bizarre items back and forth between her past, present, and future selves.

[MIX: Oh god that’d be frustrating as hell to use but its so fitting, I could just see someone sending the most random-ass item ever with like a sticky note that says ‘THIS’LL BE IMPORTANT LATER ;D’ ]

Personality: Mirrum is very driven and ambitious, setting lofty and unrealistic goals that she wants to reach. Because of her lower status in Alternian society, she wants to gain fame and have more gold than she knows what to do with. This desire has festered within her heart since the moment she grew out of her grub phase, placing a deep-seated loathing for the royal blooded trolls that live within the seas there. Mirrum seems to have a soft spot for green, teal, and fellow yellow bloods even if she refuses to acknowledge it. Even though Mirrum is very selfish and doesn’t really mind manipulating others to get what she wants she still has her semi twisted way of helping and showing her appreciation for others.  When push comes to shove she will help her friends with whatever they need, even if she has to convince herself that the only reason she’s doing it is to get closer to her own goals.

[MIX: You know, I have to say I love the fact that at first glance you wouldn’t think she’s selfish and manipulative- it really makes her compelling, especially in the context of interaction with others.]

Hobbies, Habits, Aspirations, Likes, and Dislikes: I’ve touched on this and will continue to do so throughout the rest of this, but, obviously, Mirrum’s main interest lies in tarot cards and doing tarot readings. She loves just looking through her deck and admiring it. She wants to one day make her own deck to be passed down, but she doesn’t have the right artistic ability to do so, which disappoints her greatly. When she was younger she would always scribble her own designs for tarot cards on any available surface within her hive, but as she grew up she begun to realize how terrible her drawings were so she covered them up and hasn’t drawn since. Along with her goal of creating her own tarot deck design, Mirrum wants to become rich. She wants more gold than she knows what to do with and be pampered and live a luxurious lifestyle. She’ll be known throughout the entire universe as the best future teller of all time! Well, that’s the plan anyway. One day she hopes to form her own caravan, or at least she hopes to, and go around amazing the masses with her spot-on predictions.

As far as general likes and dislikes, Mirrum is terrified of flying and of heights in general. Mirrum will walk for miles to her destination instead of getting there due to any sort of hovercraft any day.* Mirrum loves simply watching the sky at night and letting her mind relax for once. When she’s like this, her visions usually come more rapidly, but she doesn’t dwell on them, so they’re almost like a very peaceful daydream. These are some of Mirrum’s favorite times even if she doesn’t have the opportunity to do it often. As stated before, Mirrum generally dislikes trolls with purple blood or higher, and has a general distrust of the blue bloods. She prefers to surround herself with less violent and more trustworthy trolls. The less danger that she’s put into the better.

*My reasoning is that this fear may stem from The Foreseer’s unfortunate demise aboard a spacecraft and being left to simply hang in front of everyone in an elevated cage.*

Lusus: Denebola- A medium-sized dog with the mane, tail, and paws of a lion.

                First, the Denebola star is the brightest star in the Leo constellation, loosely linking in with the lion aspect of the lusus.

                Second, why these two animals? Well, in the early and most widely used deck of tarot cards, the Fool, which is arguably the most important tarot card in the entire deck, is depicted with a small white dog at his heels. This dog is sometimes seen as his animal desires, sometimes as the call of the “real world”, nipping at his heels and distracting him.

                Then there is a lion featured on the “Strength” tarot card, but not necessarily in the way one might expect. On most tarot cards, the Strength card depicts a woman towering over the lion. The lion represents the more primal part of people with the woman overcoming the beast.

                Combined, you get a primal animal distracting Mirrum from her ambitions, yet being overcome and dominated by Mirrum. Denebola is a fairly playful thing that rejects many standard technologies in favor of a more rugged lifestyle. Mirrum, as she grows, determines that Denebola’s way of life isn’t suited for her, so she actively tries to modernize her hive and force Denebola to move into a more urban setting, however these attempts often end in failure.

[MIX: That’s a really interesting lusus! I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing it.]

 Hive: A very structurally poor tent-like home with very few luxuries that haven’t been destroyed by Denebola. There is no flooring save for a few tattered rugs and shredded pillows. Mirrum has fashioned herself a bed out of raw materials and a few patches of fabric that she managed to save from her lusus. Broken laptops are scattered throughout the tent since Mirrum has to keep replacing them if she wants any sort of contact with the outside world. Mirrum also keeps a notebook full of her predictions of the future and the visions that she occasionally has when her tarot cards aren’t there to help guide them. Those are much more jumbled and confusing, but she still tries to makes some sense of them by drawing them out in her notebook. The more concrete depictions of the future are carefully recorded and dated with estimated times as to when her predictions will come true.

Ancestor: The Foreseer

                I honestly haven’t thought of much for her yet since she’s a fairly new character to me. What I have so far is the The Foreseer is the original creator of the tarot deck and was well-known for her future-seeing abilities. She even reached the point when she no longer needed her tarot cards to focus her visions, making her a very large target when the Condesce began to take over Alternia. She will be captured at some point and used to predict and create opportune outcomes for the Condesce’s fleet. As she makes prediction after prediction, she begins to try and manipulate the crew into doing what she wants to create a situation where she would be freed; however, her captors catch on to her plot  and eventually they  force her to see so far into the future that her mind can’t handle all of this information so she slowly bleeds to death as her mind decays. Not needing her anymore, her captors hang her in a gibbet and leave her to die in front of everyone as an example of the power the highbloods had over the lower castes.

[MIX: I like her ancestor as well! An interesting design and backstory. No complaints here either]

If Mirrum participated in a session of SGRUB:

Dream Planet: Prospit

Planet: I honestly haven’t thought about it much since I don’t envision Mirrum ever entering the Medium in the first place. I guess if she had a planet it would have something to do with gold/fortune/greed.

God Tier: Mage of Mind

                As a Mage, Mirrum is more inclined to use her aspect to her own advantage as opposed to using her knowledge of Mind for others. Being of the Mind aspect, Mirrum is able to foresee more than one outcome for the future unlike before when she could only see one future. She can more clearly understand the consequences of the decisions she and those around her make and she uses this knowledge to guide others into creating the future that she wants.

Live or Die?: Honestly, if Mirrum went into a session she would probably be killed off eventually. I think that she’d manage to manipulate her way up to god tier status, but then let her title and greed get to her head. I can see her intruding on a Time player’s domain trying to manipulate the alpha timeline, so she’s killed off with her death being a Just death, therefore killing her for good.

[MIX: Final thoughts are that you’ve pretty much got everything already taken care of- I can’t think of anything immediate or needed as far as change goes other than a couple of nitpicks that might not even be valid! I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing more, haha! Good fantroll! uwu]

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That’s odd! Phones are weird like that I guess, and I’m plenty happy to have the chance to be back and active :V School is terrible it needs to move over for more important things like fantrolls and cosplay….. (Im just happy you guys are so patient with me.) -RO


[MIX: Hey guys, I wanted to apologize for essentially vanishing for the longest time. I’ve been dealing with a ton of stuff IRL and while things aren’t necessarily calmed down, I wanted to say that I, too, am going to be doing my best to be active on here once more! Hopefully will have a review done sometime today! Sorry once more~]

Hi there! For the bios I sent, please don't review them! I made some changes to the fantrolls and I would like to submit the updated version of their bios. (:

Oh, ok! that can be done! Tamisa and Anguis right? -RO

Oh hai. I can't remember, did I send in my fantroll Zahano Bengai to you? Thanks!

Yes actually you did! If you’d like me to review her today I can go ahead and get her done :U But you submitted her under your actual blog so if you would like to stay anon i can put her in another post for you.-RO

thank you SO MUCH for the review! another blog also said about doing something with sailing or boats, so i will definitely try and do something with that! a sling is kind of like a string with a pouch in the middle, in which you put bullets or stones and then you swing it in an arc. its a pretty old and basic weapon, e.g in the bible story about david and goliath, david uses a sling to take the giant down! and i should have specified more but she only adds -ie to some words, mostly names and +

+ adjectives, but sometimes also nouns. it kind of depends, but she doesnt use it for all words! again, thank you so much for the review, you’re great!!!! >u<

Ohhh! Thats what you meant! And sailing is actually a pretty good idea when you think of her lusus it would also make sense for her to like the waterfront. (ALSO THANK YOU) -RO 

Hi! I’ve been working on this fantroll for three to four months now and she’s finally starting to actually take shape and stuff. Of course I will still have a lot more to do and she’s nowhere near finished yet, but I’ve reached the point where I feel like i kind of need some feedback, and pointers as to what I should probably change/improve. I have also submitted her to a few other review blogs to try and just get as much feedback as I can!

RO: Ok! Sorry for the long wait :V Hopefully the feedback is still slightly useful!

This is for a casual alternate universe where adult trolls are still allowed on Alternia and the game doesn’t happen. ( the canon trolls don’t exist and then their ancestors don’t exist either; thus the Summoner never caused a revolution and the Condesce never banished the adult trolls. ) Trolls of higher castes still have a tendency to be more violent, and especially heiresses have been extremely, but the race is overall a little bit more mild, because of the lack of influence from doc scratch. and fashion is regarded a little more loosely because I love designing outfits for my characters I just CAN’T NOT I’m sorry

RO: Oh! So basically I’m going to be expecting lax rules, like a slightly aggressive beforus Hopefully I’m not wrong in this assumption! 

(also don’t worry i cant help it either there is just all these PRETTY THINGS and i cant help it)

 Also, because I can’t really pixel or make sprites, I hope a normal drawing is okay too:

Oh my goooosssshh she’s so cute It’s not a problem you used actual drawings either dont worry UuU

THEME: Swans

NAME: Cygnus Velane

MEANING: Cygnus is the swan constellation. It is also Latin for swan. She is overall very swan themed! Velane is lightly based off the constellation name for Vela, the ship’s sail. Cygnus is also known as “the northern cross”, and in earlier times it was sometimes used by people on boats to determine the direction they had to sail in. Also, because I just really like how it sounds all together!

Hmm Is there any tie in with the ship’s sail? I haven’t noticed any but that might just be me being blind…(speaking from the point where i have already read the whole bio)

AGE: around 7 sweeps (15-17 in human years)

BLOOD COLOR: #cbaa11, yellowblood

(a variation on the symbol for the cygnus constellation)

LUSUS: swan turtle mom! The swan counterpart is because her theme is swans. Then I did some research on the Cygnus constellation. In Chinese astronomy, it fits in the Black Turtle quadrant of the sky. So, turtle!
Cygnus has a close relationship with her lusus. She also feels like she owes it to her lusus to take care of it since it raised her and took care of her when she was still a little wriggler. (She also likes to collect her lusus’ feathers when it molts and makes it into soft pillows for her piles.)

Oh my gosh that must be so nice to have a large supply of pillow fluff ^_^ But its nice to see some research! I never knew there were quadrants in the sky! 

HIVE: She lives in a small hive, near but just outside the center of an average lowblood village, that is also near a lake. I chose this because it’s convenient for the lusus to live in a place like this; swans and turtles can both live on land and in water. They would survive on land, but they also like being around water because it is their natural surrounding.

HOBBY: Cygnus likes making jewelry, but probably more as an art form than for wearing it herself (she wears a necklace with her symbol, and some bracelets but that’s it). I thought that it might have been a good idea that she sells some of it to the nobility, to both get by for herself, and, I mean, highbloods have to get their jewelry from somewhere, right?

That’s a new one! I’ve never really seen any fantrolls who make jewelry.

HORNS: pointy, and very slightly angled inwards. (I guess kind of like a mix between sollux’s horns and terezi’s?)

I would say myself they resemble a mix of terezi and nepeta more than sollux :u

WEAPON: Her strife specibus is slingkind (you know… that necklace wasn’t just good for one thing…)

Ah? Slingkind? As in a slingshot or is it something else… Ive never heard of a weapon out of a sling.

ABOUT: Flexible, creative, but also stubborn and impatient. She is sensitive and independent. She is very in tune with the earth. Adaptive and open to change. She makes an impression to be extremely quiet at first, and is hard to truly get to know. When she is annoyed and/or frustrated she can fall into a mood where she is very evasive and ignoring. She does not give herself enough credit for the things she is does. She is very bad with planning. She despises conflicts and arguments and she believes actions speak louder than words.


Oh gosh!!! That’s a first for me :D Its so nice to get a mbti type! I went to my friend who provided me with a handy link and i can say she fits the type incredibly well!! Its obvious you took a lot of time to develop her and it pays off :)

POWERS: Minor empathy. Eg. she can sense feelings and emotions in others. I chose this because it adds to her being very in tune with her environment.

QUADRANTS: She has a ceruleanblood matesprit called Fornax. (Who I might submit later on as well when I feel like he is more developed!)

Oh please do! They are super cute together 

TROLLIAN HANDLE: poignantArdour (in reference to pathos, appealing to the emotions. I found that it ties in with her character, her power, and it also sounds very elegant, which swans kind of are.)

TYPING QUIRK: No capitalisation, proper punctuation and syntax, adds –ie to words. Does not swear. Laughs a bit obnoxiously, eg. “hihihihi!” or “teeheeheehehe”. Uses horizontal smilies (eg. ^u^/;n;) occasionally.

Hm Is the -ie added to every word?? If so that seems a bit much y: Might i recommend it be limited to a certain word type? Like only adjectives or something like that? Hmm. Im not too good at quirks to take it as a grain of salt…

So many thanks in advance for reviewing my fantroll!!! :D

Oh no problem! It was a pleasure!


Guess what guys? I’m actually gonna work my butt off today! From now until i can no longer comprehend text I’ll be devoting my day to fantrolls UuU What better way to spend april fools day?


Whoops! Posted it to the wrong blog…


1. Thou Shalt Not Assume Background Knowledge of Characters
2. Thou Shalt Not God Mode or Power Play
3. Thou Shalt Communicate With Thine Partners
4. Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder (Of Partner’s Characters Unless Discussed)
5. Thou Shalt Not Send Anonymous Hate
Simple rules to live by in the roleplaying world. If you have more then feel free to add. This is essentially a public service announcement of some simple roleplaying rules to ensure everyone has a good time. I understand that this is really just playing, but that doesn’t mean you can be a dick or you can go without playing well. 


1. Thou Shalt Not Assume Background Knowledge of Characters

2. Thou Shalt Not God Mode or Power Play

3. Thou Shalt Communicate With Thine Partners

4. Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder (Of Partner’s Characters Unless Discussed)

5. Thou Shalt Not Send Anonymous Hate

Simple rules to live by in the roleplaying world. If you have more then feel free to add. This is essentially a public service announcement of some simple roleplaying rules to ensure everyone has a good time. I understand that this is really just playing, but that doesn’t mean you can be a dick or you can go without playing well. 

Sorry for the large gap in reviews, but I’ve been stuck in a convention/school midterm combo and i’ve been stupidly busy since last sunday :( After today spring break begins so i’ll have time for more than just browsing aimlessly thank god :U - RO