Hello! I was thinking of making a fantroll with a lusus of a seal but I do not know what symbol to give her! (Yes it will be a girl) D: Could you give me some suggestions and maybe a blood color help too? :) It'd be much appreciated! <3 (and I think it'll be a seadweller if that helps)

RO: Hrm… Well the symbol really is something that has to do with the personality and overall theme, and not really the lusus most of the time. If you send a bit more info on her i can help you more than currently. But as for blood color, something in the highblood group would work well but it would make a lot of sense for it to be the lusus of a troll that is teetering on the edge of being a seadweller/landweller.I have a certain love for the headcannon that seadwellers live in different depths in the ocean depending on their blood (deeper you go the higher on the hemospectrum) so because seals spend time on both land and water it would make a lot of sense.