SS: okay so yo i made this really RIDICULOUSLY HUMONGOUS caste chart thing for myself and a personal fantroll project i’m doing and also because i like colors and shit and have way too much time on my hands

i wasn’t going to share it, but by the time i finished i figured, man, why the hell not? so i’m posting it here if anyone would like to check it out!

you can get the full version here

just right click save

or alternatively you can download it here

but i’m p sure it doesn’t make a difference i’m just putting the link up in case imgur fucked with the quality

it’s all based largely on what we see in canon, and i feel it is pretty reasonable in terms of parameters (it does include mutant bloods too). however, there are certain things on there that i don’t necessarily condone, but are simply present for the sake of orderliness and consistency and stuff, so yeah

feel free to ask questions if you’d like, but i’m not going to argue over my choices. it is just headcanon after all. let’s all have fun making fantrolls!

- mod s outtie